Our history

Rastadaroo Co Ltd (RD) was established in 2000 in Tehran-Iran as a biotech company with a wide range of scientific and trade activities. Our main activities between 2000 and 2008 were: Production (molecular biology enzymes: Taq Polymerases and bladder cancer detection kit); Clinical trials (new drugs for bladder and colon cancer); Research activities (in collaboration with European companies); Realization of ImuPro test for delayed hypersensitivities; Organizing monthly scientific workshops; Importation and distribution of a variety of research and laboratory reagents, kits and instruments from many important companies around the world. Turn-Over of RD in 2008 was about 1.1 Million USD.

From 2008 to 2011, after the creation of its branch in France under the name of Nosco Pharmaceuticals, RD was highly active on distribution of all types of biological products and kits in a proper transport chain +4°C, -20°C, -80°C and <-130°C to all cities in a vast network of hospitals, universities and research institutes. Our qualified scientific team has many years of experience to advise all customers on the optimal solutions for their laboratory techniques. As well, RD have a real-time follow up system registered by the brand of Rastadaroo® for maintenance, follow-up and Quality Assurance (QA). In these years, RD imported and distributed different veterinary injectable antibiotics, human probiotics, human food supplements, hygienic products in paediatrics and gynaecology, high technology cosmetics and a vast variety of modern dermo-aesthetic products. RD with three specialists as authorized technical responsible had a great success on the registration of four antibiotics and three gynaecologic products in Ministry of Health (MOH). These activities triplicated our turn-over to 3.7 Million USD in 2011.

In 2012, RD had a great mutation to a SA privately held (Joint Stock) company (Rasta Imen Darou) (RID) registered in Tehran 431547 with potent shareholders not only in terms of financial aspects but also in terms of effective relations in MOH and Ministry of Commerce (MOC). In this time RID has two main headquarters in Tehran and Karaj and two foreign branches in France and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Dubai. In 2013 RID managed to be exclusive agent for Apotex Inc., Canada.