Sales & marketing practice standards

For developing a sustainable marketing strategy, we focused firstly on the recent policies of FDO (Food and Drug Organization of MOH in Iran -

According to these data, we define our marketing strategies and forecasts for representing successfully our products to the market.

Rasta Imen Daroo’s marketing department handles all aspects of marketing, advertising and promoting for our products line within the Iranian market.

Our expert and professional medical representative team is well trained and committed to promote the quality of service to physicians.

Continuous presentation in the market, which makes a continuous demand for products is our exercised standard operating procedure.

Our marketing department defines the marketing activities of our competitors (both distributor and importer/ producer…) and also monitors the product shortages, new product or new competitor’s entrance to the market by taking into account political and legal regulation changes, in order to make quick necessary modifications in marketing plans and actions plans.

Our main strategies for marketing in Iran are principally based on scientific aspects of medicaments. We enter to the battle from three axes:

A: Physicians and specialists:

Excellence connection and cooperation with active scientific associations and professional societies product wise.

Permanent presence in all related seminars and conferences organized by theses societies and institutes in hospitals and universities with using suitable and consistent images and compelling visuals to promote special attentions of physicians

Regular face to face visit of the physicians in their offices and hospitals.

Procure special bulletins designed, edited and published specially for physicians and specialists.

B: Pharmacies:

In Iran, whole territories, there are about 10.000 active day and night and hospital pharmacies. Our marketing politics related to pharmacies is cooperated and harmonized by promotional strategies of our distributor. We work with designers and strategists as well as logistics on planning of quality and quantities of all promotional movements for pharmacies.

C: Public Domains:

We will be actively present in all numbers of following special professional media:

Darou va Darman (a monthly magazine)

Sepid (a weekly magazine)

Akhbare Pezeshki (a weekly magazine)

Razinoos (a monthly magazine)

Salamat (a weekly magazine)

Pezeshki Novin (bi-weekly magazine)

Journal of Medical Council of Islamic Republic of IRAN (every three-months Journal)

Also we have noticeable financial participation in some important public ceremonies, sport events and festivals as sponsor that let us to reinforce the name and social situation of our representing products in Iran.