Our Staff

Our continued success depends on the quality of our people. We openly seek to attract and reward talented men and women who share the same values and who are both entrepreneurial in attitude and able to work selflessly as part of a team for the good of the company.

These are individuals with the drive to want to contribute to the creation of new and effective system. One of the core beliefs is that the people who work for Rasta Imen Daroo do so with pride and a real satisfaction in their work.We believe that success is not just what you achieve, but how you achieve it. We want our colleagues to be able to see the bigger picture and think outside their own field of expertise.

In a nutshell, we require people who are willing to share knowledge with other disciplines, who are prepared to work hard to produce commercially viable products, who are team players, but above all who share our commitment to deliver affordable health care solutions to the people most in need of them.