Apotex believes that every man, woman and child is entitled to affordable medical care and freedom from pain and suffering. For over 35 years, Apotex has met the healthcare challenges of tomorrow and fought hard to build a successful worldwide pharmaceutical company. Through a strategy of vertical integration, Apotex has built an exceptional scientific and manufacturing base that supports a global sales and marketing infrastructure. We have done this with the objective of Advancing Generics. Apotex is focused on meeting the world's long term need for quality, affordable medicines. We have built the facilities, the scientific R&D base, and the technology to meet the healthcare needs of the world for today and more ...
About Rastadaroo
Rasta Imen Daroo Co. is a company committed to delivering affordable medicines through high qualified producers. Good health and a happy life is something we all rightly aspire to. We believe everyone deserves access to quality health care. Finding affordable solutions to today's health care challenges demands highly talented and motivated people and above all an ability to setup an efficient system. We seek transparency and dialogue with our customers, employees,vendors and shareholders to improve our understanding of their needs.