9th Annual Congress of General Practitioners was held on 12 -14 July 2017 in Razi Convention Center in Tehran, with great outcomes. Majority of General practitioners participated in this congress.



Apotex was located in a strategic place and because of booth activities and good reputation of Apotex product, was always very crowded. New initiative was first used in this booth, aligned with digital marketing strategies and also Origami brand reminders were built and distributed; which leads to positive feedback from Healthcare professionals.



For the first time, Apotex-RID motion graphic was displayed in the opening ceremony of this congress.



Apotex Sales and Marketing teams had active presence in the booth and handling scientific questions and requests. The products being presented in this congress were: Apo-Cetirizine, Apo-Glyburide, Apo-Metformin, Apo-Warfarin, Apo-Alendronate and Apo-Alpraz.